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Shared Streets

Dormont Shared Streets Program

2023 Shared Streets – program runs approximately May 1-Novemeber 1

  • 1400 block of Alabama Ave
  • 1100 block of Mississippi Ave
  • 3200 block of Gaylord Ave
  • 3200 and 3300 blocks of Beacon Hill Ave

General Information & Overview
Application Process
Frequently Asked Questions

General Information & Overview
Dormont is often referred to as a “walking community,” because of its dense streets and vibrant business district which are accessible from all parts of the Borough. The Borough  prides itself on its extensive outdoor recreation areas, including Dormont Park, Beggs Snyder Park, and the Dormont pool.

But we also know that we have a long way to go to be sure that all residents have access to spaces to safely walk, bike, scoot, move and play near their homes. 

Dormont Shared Streets is a program that aims to provide more spaces like these right outside our doors! A Shared Street discourages through traffic, and encourages lower, extra cautious driving speeds. The goal is to reduce and slow traffic to leave more room for the street to be used for healthy play, exercise and movement. A Shared Street is defined as one block of a street.

The Borough of Dormont strives to give its residents more options for safe transit to our parks and business district and more space to play and exercise closer to their homes through a permitting process to volunteer residential Block Captains.

Residents interested in being a Block Captain for a Shared Street must first submit an application demonstrating that the suggested street would benefit from this program. The application must demonstrate that:
1) The street is eligible as a Shared Street
2) There is adequate support from neighboring residents
3) Signs and traffic devices will be properly monitored and maintained;
4) It meets priority criteria.

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Application Process 

Who Can Apply?
Applicants (Block Captain) must be a resident of the street. A group of residents may apply for a block to be designated as Shared Streets, but one resident must reside on each street block. There is no application fee. 


Criteria Checklist – to be considered for the Shared Street program, a street block must:
– Have low car traffic volume
– Have topography that lends itself to activity and allows for a clear view between pedestrians and drivers
– No
t be a permanent transit route (Port Authority or school buses), designated emergency route or street in the business district

After meeting these initial eligibility requirements, the applicant must have the support of at least 25% of residents of the street. 

Preference will be given to streets that meet one or more of the priority criteria below: 

  • Street blocks with support of neighbors on surrounding streets (above and beyond the 25% resident requirement)
  • Street blocks leading to recreational areas (parks, pool, etc), other open spaces, municipality building, or local businesses
  • Street blocks that create space for activity in areas that have less access to parks
  • Street blocks that help create a network of Shared Streets
  • Street blocks that lack sidewalks
  • Street blocks that will not negatively impact traffic and safety on neighboring streets
  • Connects to a potential route in the Pittsburgh Bike(+) Plan 

What Happens if a Street is Approved?
The applicant (Block Captain) will be given a Shared Street Block Captain kit. The Block Captain will monitor and maintain signs and traffic devices for the designated Shared Street. A Shared Street sign will be provided by the Borough that will indicate that the street is a Shared Street and encourage car traffic to share the street with pedestrian and non-motor vehicles. The Borough will mark on the road where signs and traffic devices shall be placed at all times. It is the responsibility of the Block Captain to ensure signs are in safe condition and in their designated locations EVERY DAY. Issues should be reported to Borough Manager Ben Estell. Failed monitoring and maintenance will result in revocation of the Shared Street designation. The Block Captain is also expected to help educate the residents on the street and gather feedback from them.

Cancellation of a Shared Street
If at any time, the Borough of Dormont deems that the designated Shared Street is not producing the intended result, it may be cancelled, without notice, and the street will be returned to prior operation. 

Application Processing Outline
The steps below describe the typical review process
1. Initial Application: Applications will be accepted for the duration of the program. Applications must be submitted through the online application at a dedicated page on the Borough website (include address when created). 
2. Review and Selection: The review and approval process includes:
     a. Technical review: The Borough Manager, in cooperation with Chief Bisignani, Chief Davis, will review the street for eligibility using available street classifications, draft or adopted plans, available data, and field visits if necessary.
     b. Qualitative review: The Borough Manager will review application submission for capacity to post and maintain signage and barriers and the location’s alignment with articulated preferences and priorities.
     c. Neighbor Support: After the street is determined to have met the basic criteria, the applicant must supply signatures of at least 25% of residents on the street to complete the application. 
3) Installation: After the technical and qualitative reviews are completed and support signatures are submitted, Dormont’s Public Works department will provide signage and materials for posting signage when available and mark appropriate locations on the street for placement. 
4) Re-Evaluation: The program as a whole and designated Shared Streets will be re-evaluated periodically to determine if they are meeting the objectives set forth by the program.  The Shared Street will maintain its status until November 1 of the application year. Block Captains must reapply in subsequent years to renew the Shared Street status. Re-evaluation can be at the request of Council or the Mayor at any time during the program. Feedback from residents, police reports, traffic data, and other sources of data will be taken into consideration during the re-evaluation process. 

Application Link (will take you to google form)
Shared Streets Signature Page

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Selected Streets for 2022:
Alabama Ave (1400 block)
Gaylord Ave (3200 block)
Beacon Hill Ave (3200 block)
Mississippi Ave (1100 block)

2022 Dormont Shared Streets Kickoff Event

On Wednesday, June 1st from 6pm-8pm, please join Borough of Dormont council members to celebrate the kickoff of the 2022 Dormont Shared Streets program. This event will be hosted on the 1400 block of Alabama Ave and will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony, Millie’s Ice Cream truck, and yard games. Mosey on over and learn about what the Dormont Shared Streets program is about and get yourself a Millie’s Ice Cream treat!

This summer, look for events at each of these locations. We hope to see you Wednesday for this low-key, shared street event.


Selected Streets for 2021:
Miles Avenue
Gaylord Avenue 3200 Block
Beacon Hill Avenue 3200 Block

Frequently Asked Questions

How will drivers know a street block has been designated as a Shared Street?

Signs will specify that a street has been designated as part of a Dormont’s Shared Street Program.

What other types of signs and traffic devices will be placed?

The Borough will use speed/traffic volume monitoring signs to collect data on streets both part of and not part of the program. These signs will rotate throughout the Borough throughout the Shared Streets program.

Spoiler title

No, the street block will not be blocked to traffic.

Can I have visitors?

People can visit as normal.

What if there is an emergency?

Signs and traffics devices will be placed in a manner to avoid impeding emergency vehicles.

How do I provide feedback about the program?

Feedback can be shared by calling the Borough Offices, talking to the Mayor during their office hours, registering to speak at a Borough Council meeting, contacting the Block Captain.

If I am a Block Captain, will I be liable for any damages incurred on my Shared Street?

No. Drivers are still responsible for the safe operation of their vehicles and residents are required to be aware of traffic on the street as they would on any other street.

What happens during the review process?

See section on Application Processing Outline.

Which streets in the Borough have been designated as Shared Streets?

Once approved, Shared Streets will be updated to a list on this site.

How long does it take for an application to be reviewed?

This will depend on the number of applications but we expect no more than 3 weeks.

Can my street's Shared Streets designation be revoked?

Yes, if the designated street is not producing the intended results of the program, the agreement with the Borough is not being properly upheld, or for other reasons that the Borough deems critical.

How long in the designation good for?

The permit is valid indefinitely until the Borough deems it no longer beneficial, unnecessary, or for other critical reasons. The Shared Street program runs from May 1st – October 31st, and streets must reapply each year.

Is the permit transferable?

If you are no longer able to serve a Shared Street Block Captain, the permit can be transferred to another resident of the street after entering into an agreement with the Borough

How long will this program last?

For as long as it produces the intended result. Shared Streets will be “shared” from application approval (May 1st or after) until November 1st.

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