1444 Hillsdale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
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Public Safety/Public Service Announcements

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Dormont Police Department.

Rabies Announcement

Please view this Rabies Announcement (PDF) for information on rabies baits.

Mayor’s Night

Mayor Walsh is in from 6:30pm-8pm most Thursdays.

Snow Removal

Just a reminder, Chapter 181, Section 21 of the Dormont Borough Code requires that you remove all snow and ice from your sidewalk within 24 hours. Residents are also reminded that the snow removed from the sidewalk is NOT to be placed on the roadway. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

On street parking – Chairs in parking spaces

Now that winter is upon us, the Dormont Police Department would like to remind residents that they can not place chairs in parking spaces to reserve them. Residents should be aware that Officers will remove the chairs during their patrols.