1444 Hillsdale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Dormont Pool

Season will run June 12-August 22, August 28/29, September 4/5/6
Hours of Operation:
1:00pm-7:00pm daily; July 4th Hours and Labor Day hours will vary, please check back for those details in the near future.
Daily Rate:
*Please note there is only one rate for this year; there are no daily rate discounts based on residency or age.

Other information in regards to operations for this year – please check back as more information may be added prior to your visit to the pool:
– Capacity will be 50% of max, which equals 900
– The slide will not be open for the 2021 season
– No furniture will be provided by the Borough – please bring your own chairs
– Only single size floatation devices will be allowed
– Seating will be divided into sections, such as: individuals, couples, families – you are asked to not mingle outside your household
– CDC & PA State Guidelines must be followed. This includes wearing your mask when not in the pool & social distancing from those not in your immediate household. For those unable to wear a mask, a face shield is an acceptable alternative.
– No pool party rentals for the 2021 Season

PURCHASE A SEASON POOL PASS FOR 2021 – BEGINS APRIL 1, 2021 – Please note we are experiencing a high number of requests for pool passes, please be patient and we will get to everyone in order. There is no limit for pool passes sold.
Make buying a pool pass easier by registering online:
Registration Instructions
***** Residency needs to be verified – once registered, please call the Borough Offices during office hours to be verified as a resident 412-561-8900 x227 or email Beth Bachman at BBachman@boro.dormont.pa.usthe verification queue will also be checked daily. You will not see a resident rate until you are verified. DO NOT PAY NON-RESIDENT RATE IF NOT VERIFIED – NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN; By registering online, you are keeping yourself and office staff safe and also saving time not having to provide all details necessary for registration at Borough Offices. You will be called when your pool passes are ready for pick-up at the Borough Offices. Note: You may be asked to scan & email or bring in residency proof depending on individual situation.

DORMONT RESIDENTS EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: At the current time, we must manually add the Early Bird discount, when you are registered online and ready to pay, we can take payment over the phone and add the early bird discount.

Registering online does not mean admittance to the pool; a pool tag is required!

Season Passes Pricing Information:
(purchase online or at the Borough Offices starting April 1st)

*Early Bird Special for Dormont Residents; Family Pass – $25 off until May 28 – $10 off Resident Individual until May 28

  • Resident Junior (Ages 3-17) $50.00
  • Resident Adult (Ages 18-64) $70.00
  • Dormont Resident Senior (65+) Free with proof of residency
  • Non-Resident Senior (65+) $65.00
  • Resident Family $135.00
  • Non-Resident Adult $115.00
  • Non-Resident Family $260.00
  • Family consists of 2 Adults and 3 Children up to age 17, each additional child is $10

*Resident unless otherwise specified on Dormont Resident senior includes KO residents; only Dormont residents are eligible for early bird discount

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS – PLEASE READ ENTIRETY OR RESIDENTS MAY BE PAYING EXTRA IF NOT VERIFIED!!! Note: Option to pool passes will not appear until April 1, 2021 at 8:30am
Online registration link: https://register.communitypass.net/DormontBorough
Follow instructions below!

Registration Instructions after following the link:
1) Create an Account

2) Click Here to register 

3) Select at the bottom either: pay taxes or reside within Borough of Dormont; Attend Keystone Oak School District or; Non-Resident*; 

4) If selecting either “Pay Taxes in the Borough of Dormont” or “Attend Keystone Oaks School District”, after finishing online registration, and before selecting camp weeks,  please call 412-561-8900 x227 or email BBachman@boro.dormont.pa.us to let us know to that we should go in and verify+.  Residency must be verified- once completed with “click here to register”, call 412-561-8900 x227 and the office can verify your residency. Please do not miss this step! You can skip this step if you live outside of the Keystone Oaks School District.

5) Select the pool pass which you are purchasing and continue processing. If a Dormont resident, we must manually add the Early Bird discount, please call 412-561-8900 and we will call to add the discount and take your payment over the phone. Once completed, we will call to inform you when your passes are ready to be picked up or if returning to verify you have your passes. Please note, only one pass per person so if you get a new pass, your old one will no longer work.


Additional Information Pool Information
Additional Information is Available on the Jeff Ellis Management website and can be found here. More information about our COVID-19 protocols will be added here once finalized.

Jeff Ellis Management – Dormont Swimming Pool Information

Swim Classes may be offered by Jeff Ellis Management. For more information and to register, please click here.

Dormont Swimming Pool Guest Rules and Regulations
JEFF ELLIS AQUATIC MANAGEMENT, LLP, invites you to enjoy this community swimming pool and asks your cooperation in abiding by the following rules and regulations for your safety and enjoyment:

  1. Please obey lifeguard instructions at all times.
  2. A child under 52 inches must be accompanied by an adult (within arm’s reach) at all times when using the swimming pool or wear a lifejacket approved by JEM Aquatic Management.
  3. Pool issued life jackets are available for your safety.
  4. Please do not run on the swimming pool deck.
  5. Please refrain from “unsafe” behavior for the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers.
  6. Please obey deck and attraction signs where posted.
  7. Please evacuate swimming pool immediately when horn alarm sounds.
  8. No glass containers are permitted in the swimming pool area. No alcohol.
  9. Swimmers must wear appropriate swim attire at all times.
  10. Disposable swimming diapers may be purchased at the pool office for infants.

For your safety, our lifeguards are randomly audited by National Pool & Waterpark Lifeguard auditors. Audits include surveillance video taping and submersion of manikins on the swimming pool bottom for Vigilance Awareness Testing (VAT).

Lifeguard Vigilance Awareness Test (VAT)
Jeff Ellis Management conducts regular Vigilance Awareness Tests (VAT) for its lifeguards by placing silhouettes or manikins into the water to see how long it takes for a lifeguard to spot them. Please do not be alarmed if you see one of these tests as they are designed to make sure that your experience at the Dormont Swimming Pool is the safest it can be.

JEM Lifeguard Vigilance Awareness Poster