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Pittsburgh, PA 15216
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Community Contact Listings

The following are contacts within the Borough and other governmental contacts outside of the Borough:

Absentee BallotsAllegheny County
Phone: 412-350-4510

Ambulance Service
Phone: 412-343-5111

Board of Elections
Allegheny County
Phone: 412-350-4500

Casey, Robert
Senator, U.S. Senate
Phone: 412-803-7370

Dog, Fishing, Hunting & Boating Licenses
Allegheny County
Phone: 412-355-4111

Dormont Library
Phone: 412-531-8754

Dormont Place – 
Management Services
Phone: 800-238-7555

Dormont Swimming Pool
Phone: 412-341-7210

Dormont Volunteer Fire Department
Phone: 412-563-8826

Fontana, Wayne
Senator, State of Pennsylvania
Phone: 412-344-2551

Home Delivered Meals
Allegheny County
Phone: 412-343-6050

Keystone Oaks School District
Phone: 412-571-6000

Lamb, Conor
U.S. Congressman
Address: 504 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone: 412-344-5583

Miller, Dan
Representative42nd Legislative District
650 Washington Rd #102, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone: 412-343-3870
Fax: 412-343-2050
Police – Non-EmergencyPolice Department
Phone: 412-561-8900 x300
Fax: 412-561-3516

Real Estate Tax Office
Phone: 412-561-8900 x226

Senior Citizens Center
Phone: 412-343-6050

Toomey, Pat
Senator, U.S. Senate
Phone: 855-552-1831

U.S. Post Office
South Hills-Dormont Branch
Phone: 412-531-5498

Voter Registration
Allegheny County
Phone: 412-350-4510
Wheatley, Hilary – District Magistrate, Allegheny County
Phone: 412-561-4415