1444 Hillsdale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216


1444 Hillsdale Avenue Suite 10
Pittsburgh PA 15216

Borough Manager – Benjamin Estell
e-mail: bestell@boro.dormont.pa.us

The Borough Manager is responsible for a broad range of duties related to local government operations, including Planning, Budgeting, Zoning, Pension Administration, and Grant Administration. The Borough Manager’s contract can be found in the Online Documents section of this website, and here: Benjamin Estell Dormont Contract 2020-2022.

Borough Solicitor – John Rushford, Cafardi Ferguson Wyrick Weis + Gabriel llc
The Borough Solicitor is responsible for providing Council and staff with legal advise on all matters pertaining to the Borough.

Community Events and Communications Coordinator – Bethany Bachman
412-561-8900 x227
Beth is responsible for the planning and implementation of Borough events large and small, including Dormonster Dash and the Street Fair, as well as managing Dormont Pool, Summer Camp, and other recreational activities. Beth also handles the Borough’s incredible social media platforms. The Borough Manager is responsible for all non-incredible posts.
Fire Chief/Building and Code Enforcement Supervisor – Mat Davis
412-561-8900 x232
Chief Davis is responsible for the personnel and operations of the Dormont Fire Department, as well as the administrative supervision of the Building and Code Enforcement Department.
Building Inspector / Building Code Official – Monica Dahlkemper
412.561.8900 x233
Code Enforcement  – Max Schoppen
412.561.8900 x235
Fire Inspector  – Jeff Stakich
412.561.8900 x241
Jeff is responsible for Fire and Life Safety Inspections & works with Code Enforcement.
Clerk Supervisor/Open Records Officer – Vickie McGurk
412.561.8900 ext 229
Fax: 412-561-7805
email: vickie@boro.dormont.pa.us

Vickie McGurk has been the Borough Receptionist since 1990. As the receptionist she answers the majority of the phone calls received in the Borough Office.

Beyond the day to day activities, Vickie is also responsible for transcribing the minutes from the Council meetings, processing the majority of the risk management paperwork, most filing, coordinating the newsletter printing, and the details of other programs. Vickie is the Right to Know Officer. The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records link is www.openrecords.state.pa.us  Standard Right-To-Know Request Form (PDF)

Clerk/Receptionist –  Dana Korbe
412.561.8900 ext 222
email: dkorbe@boro.dormont.pa.us

Dana is responsible for helping residents with all types of Borough-related information, including: permit applications, facility bookings, pool passes, business parking permits, and resident requests. They do their best to help residents navigate all of their local government concerns.

Clerk/Receptionist –  Carolina Munoz
412.561.8900 ext 221
email: cmunoz@boro.dormont.pa.us

Bookkeeper – Sherri Pruce
412.561.8900 ext. 223
email: sherri@boro.dormont.pa.us

The bookkeeper is responsible for the efficient processing of all accounts payables and accounts receivables for the Borough. The bookkeeper also takes care of the payroll, monthly budget reports, and the monthly warrant lists. Sherri has been the Bookkeeper since 1994.


Engineer – Wayne McVicar
412-561-8900 ext. 231