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The Borough of Dormont hereby establishes a Commission to be known as the “Safe Mobility Commission,” which shall aid Council in determining:

  • Which areas within the Borough of Dormont are most in need of mobility changes and/or improvements,
  • Help guide the direction of the Borough of Dormont’s urban planning to focus on making roadways and sidewalks safer for all ages and abilities, utilizing any and all modes of travel,
  • Be dedicated to improving equitable mobility within the Borough of Dormont,
  • Promote pedestrian and micro-mobility centric practices in urban planning projects, and
  • Establish a method of obtaining information from residents about mobility concerns.

Applications are open now through April 13.
Applications are currently closed.

To apply: 1) please fill out the application below AND 2) send your resume to Assistant Manager, Krista Watt at KWatt@boro.dormont.pa.us; Paper copies are also available in the Borough offices at 1444 Hillsdale Ave during office hours. You can also drop off the application and resume there.

Applications are currently closed.

Please remember to send your resume to Assistant Manager, Krista Watt at KWatt@boro.dormont.pa.us

Applications are currently closed.