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The 2023 Street Sweeping schedule is here. The Street Sweeping Program will tentatively take effect April 3 thru November 7, 2023. Street Sweeping will be carried out on your street’s designated day (listed above), once a month, between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. All cars must be removed from BOTH sides of the street. Residential Permit Parking will not be enforced on street sweeping days. Check the schedule for an adjacent street for parking for that day. Signs have been posted on all streets regarding their street sweeping day. If your regularly scheduled sweeping day is a holiday, Labor Day, your street will not be swept that month.
Updates to the Street Sweeping schedule will be announced through Facebook, the Borough website and the Access Dormont app.
Please note: Vehicles must be moved off the street from 8:00am to 3:00pm regardless if the street sweeper has come through.
Why Street Sweeping?
Street sweeping is important for a variety of reasons from aesthetics to environmental health. Street sweeping help remove harmful materials from streets. It prevents plastics, metal, pollutants, and other harmful materials from entering the stormwater system and ultimately local waterways. Furthermore, removing debris can make the streets safer and lessen the rate of vehicle accidents and can improve driver safety. Removing this dirt and debris also can provide a healthier, safer and attractive environment which benefits the entire community. By moving your vehicle off the street, the street sweeper can access the entire street and gutters to remove the debris and also remove blockages from the stormwater drains to allow for enhanced flow.

Street Sweeping Schedule 2023 Corrected