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Strategic Plan Status Update


At the January Council meeting the Council President reported on what the Borough had accomplished during 2012 relative to Borough management and reorganization and indicated that while 2012 was the “year of organization” 2013 would be the “year of planning”. He spoke about the two components of planning (the Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Planning) that the Borough would undertake in 2013 in an article in the winter newsletter. These two types of plans can be easily confused but, while they may be related, they are different.

Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that is required by Pennsylvania law. It states basic objectives and policies for a community that guides future growth and development over a 10 year period. It is a factual report that examines how the past led to the present, and reports in detail how to chart the community’s path into the future. A Borough must update its Comprehensive Plan before it can update and change its zoning or development ordinances. We are eight (8) years late in updating our Comprehensive Plan but as of March 1st have begun the process.

Strategic Planning

Unlike comprehensive planning, strategic planning focuses on a shorter time period (2-3 years) and on more specific issues such as beautification, road improvement, facilities improvement, etc. It lays out a process for dealing with selected issues in a careful and thoughtful manner. Additionally and importantly, the strategic planning process supports the development of the Borough’s budget for the following and future years. Specifically, there are only a limited number of discretionary dollars available and we should use them where they will most benefit the community at large.

Your Help Needed

The first step in the strategic planning process was to assess what elected and appointed public officials and the public thinks are issues that need to be dealt with. So, we had you rank the top 9 issues that Dormont needs to deal with over the next 2-3 years? Those rankings will now be utilized by Council as they create the Strategic Plan for the Borough at their August 3, 2013 Workshop. The rankings that you, the public, came up with will be presented on this page prior to that date and as part of the July 1, 2013 Council Meeting agenda.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the process as it proceeds. You can find information about the 2013 Strategic Planning process on this page and our Comprehensive Planning process here.

Answers to Public Questions from 8-13-13 Meeting

2013 Strategic Plan

Council met August 3, 2013, and spent the day developing the attached Strategic Plan. Their work was based on ideas generated by the Planning Commission, staff and Council and that were ranked by the public as part of a survey mailed out to every household. The top 3 items of concern were:

  1. Street and Alley Maintenance
  2. Code Enforcement
  3. Business District Improvements

This Strategic Plan sets out a Vision and Mission and Goals that address these concerns over the next 2 to 3 years. Staff will be utilizing this Plan to develop the upcoming 2014 Budget and to address the Implementables listed in the Plan.

Dormont Strategic Plan 2013

Strategic Planning Goals

1. Maximize Maintaining Our Brick Streets
2. Proactive Code Enforcement
3. Additional Trash Receptacles and/or Increased Trash Pickups in the Business District
4. Increase Borough Recycling
5. Design Standards for Business Facades
6. Redesign West Liberty Avenue Streets and Sidewalks
7. Improve Borough Signage
8. Enhance Borough Parking Lots
9. Encourage Pride in Property
10. Rehabilitate Potomac Avenue Sidewalks
11. Maintain All Roads and Alleys to Borough or PennDOT Standards
12. Develop a Street and Alley Maintenance Schedule
13. Replace the Trees on Potomac Avenue
14. Reinvigorate the Shade Tree Commission
15. Identify Historic Districts in the Borough