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Ready® Sports Drink Named Official Hydration Solution for Dormont Pool Lifeguards

Dormont, PA – The Dormont Pool is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Ready® Sports Drink. Dormont Pool, known for its large size and historical significance in Western PA, has chosen Ready® Sports Drink to be the go-to hydration for our dedicated lifeguards. The lifeguards at the Dormont Pool require a beverage that can effectively keep them hydrated and replenish vital electrolytes during long hours under the sun.

Based in Wexford, PA, Ready® Sports Drink is a scientifically formulated, next generation sports drink. This collaboration highlights Ready’s® commitment to supporting local communities and promoting healthy and active lifestyles. Ready® Sports Drink will provide enhanced hydration and electrolyte replenishment to ensure the lifeguards’ optimal performance.

Ready® Sports Drink is scientifically formulated using the perfect blend of super fruits for energy and three dominant electrolytes for hydration. Plant nutrients from the super fruits, along with B vitamins drive nonstop high performance, without any “added sugars” found in other sports drinks. With its scientifically designed formula and no added sugars, Ready® Sports Drink is the ideal choice for the demanding tasks performed by lifeguards in the summer heat.

“The Dormont Pool Is a Pittsburgh institution so as the hometown sports drink, this was a natural for us,” said Ready® Founder and CEO, Pat Cavanaugh.  “Plus, our best-in-class hydration is sure to benefit the guards and their very important responsibilities.”

“We are excited to partner with Ready® Sports Drink and offer our lifeguards the highest-quality hydration solution,” said Nolan Keebler, Dormont Pool Manager. “The safety and well-being of lifeguards is of the utmost importance to us as they are responsible for the safety and well-being of our guests. By partnering with Ready® Sports Drink, we are able to ensure that our lifeguards have access to a healthier sports drink with no added sugar that keeps them refreshed and ready to go.”

In addition to being the primary hydration option for Dormont Pool lifeguards, Ready® Sports Drink will also be available for Dormont Pool guests to sample on special days throughout the summer. Ready® is available at Giant Eagle and Dollar Tree stores.

Both the Dormont Pool and Ready® are dedicated to fostering a culture of health and wellness in the community.


Dormont Pool Ready Sports Drink Press Release 5.30.2023