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Just like families, businesses, and non-profit organizations, governments like to plan for the future, too.  They also have limited resources and lots of things they want to accomplish. Developing a plan with goals and action steps is helpful.

For these reasons, the Borough of Dormont is in the process of creating a five-year strategic plan. This type of planning helps a community think about where it is now and where it wants be in the future.  It is a chance to find priorities and set goals, then identify specific ways to accomplish those goals.

Borough Council’s Planning, Sustainability, and Inclusion Committee and the Borough Manager are responsible for leading this effort.  A strong plan includes thoughts and ideas from everyone in the community. Luckily, the Borough has the help of two summer interns, Ian and Rachel, to gather everyone’s thoughts and ideas.  Ian and Rachel will be talking to people in the community and researching ideas of what has worked well in other similar places.  This information will be used to develop our plan. Here is a quick look at what they will be doing this summer:

  1. Interviewing and surveying Borough employees and elected officials
  2. Interviewing community groups and community leaders
  3. Developing and sending out a survey to all Dormont residents
  4. Developing and sending out a survey to all businesses located in Dormont
  5. Conducting focus groups
  6. Researching ideas that have worked for other similar communities

The Borough aims to complete these steps by the end of the summer.  In the fall, we will write, edit, and vote on the plan. We welcome all feedback during this process.

Are you a Dormont resident?  Complete your survey online here.

Due to construction work on back parking lot, ADA access to the Municipal Building will be limited June 11-14, 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience.