1444 Hillsdale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Meet the Mayor – Jason Walsh

The Mayor is currently taking classes designed specifically for local elected officials in Pennsylvania.  The Newly Elected Officials Course is a comprehensive program that grants officials a head start in all aspects of governing, including leading an efficient and effective workplace, policy writing, conserving natural resources, and planning for the future.  He will have the opportunity to hear from leaders at the local, county, and state level, as well as academic professors and specialist from both the public and private sectors.  

Office Hours for the Mayor:

  • Wednesday, February 21st from 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday, March 1st from 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday, March 8th from 6pm-8pm
  • Wednesday, March 21st from 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday, March 29th from 6pm-8pm
  • Wednesday, April 4th from 6pm-8pm