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On Monday, June 8th, the Borough of Dormont will begin a new pilot program called Healthy Streets Dormont. Healthy Streets Dormont was created in collaboration between the Public Safety Committee and Dormont residents. The goal of the project is to create spaces for safe physical activity while maintaining social distance. This initial pilot program is scheduled to be evaluated on June 30th. During this time, Grandin Avenue and Memorial Drive will only be open to local traffic and deliveries for the duration of the pilot program. Dell Avenue and Annapolis Avenue will remain open to all traffic. The Dormont Pool parking lot will also be closed for the duration of this pilot program except for one row of parking for park users. Signage will be placed in the parking lane of the effected street as well as the pool lot. On or around June 30th, residents in the area will be asked to complete a short survey in regards to this program.