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When is the Borough Building open?
Where do I apply for a dog license?
Can I put appliances out with my regular garbage?
Does the Mayor have any set hours to meet with the public?
How do I get rid of old paint?
How do I go about having a Block Party?
I am a landlord in Dormont Borough. Do I need to register my tenants with the Borough Office?
Sewage Usage & Billing
What are the discount, face, and penalty dates for real-estate tax?
What are the real estate tax collector's office hours?
What are the rental rates for the various Borough facilities?
What holidays affect the garbage & recycling schedule?
What is a Dye Test and when do I need one?
What items should I put out in my recycling bin?
What School District do we live in?
When and where can I buy a residential permit parking permit?
When do pool passes go on sale?
When does the Borough Council meet?
When does the Borough send out its newsletter?
When is Leaf Pick-up?
Who is the earned income tax collector?