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Draft SC 23

Please email your resume to ______ after completing this form! Thank you for your interest in the Borough of Dormont’s Safe Mobility Commission.




2023 Registration Fees


Amount per Week

1st Child (Resident)


1st Child (Non-Resident)


Additional children (Resident)

$175.00 (reflects $20 discount)

Additional children (Non-Resident)

$235.00 (reflects $20 discount)

Early drop off (as early as 8:00AM)


Late pick up (from 5:00PM to 6:00PM)


Late payment fee


Non-Refundable Weekly Deposit


*One-time registration fee of $20.00 per child due at sign-up. Waived if completed online.

Full payment, or cancellation, for each week of camp must be received by The Borough of Dormont no later than 4:30pm EST on the Monday TWO WEEKS before the registered week of camp.  If payment is not received, an email will be sent on Tuesday, and if no response is received by the end of business, the spot will be forfeited, and payment will still be owed, including the $25.00 late fee, unless the spot can be filled.



2023 Camp Schedule and Theme

Week Theme
(1)  June 12 – June 16

Wacky Wild Life

Life is one crazy experience, and sometimes we don’t even think of certain things as living, but they are! Join us as we explore the wackier side of living things and try to figure out just what it is that makes something ALIVE!
(2)  June 19 – June 23

Through the Looking Glass

Campers will experience the magical world of Alice’s Wonderland in this very, merry and mad week. We will visit parts of the story through arts and crafts, reading and writing, and fun outdoor activities, such as croquet. And, of course, we will certainly celebrate everyone’s UN-birthdays!

(3)  June 26 – June 30

Global Explorer

World travel…exciting cultures…we may not be able to take you to all of the countries of the world, but we sure can bring a taste of the world to you! We will survey aspects of cultures from all inhabited continents, including food, fashion, art, and sport. Come along and fill your passport with exciting stamps from all over without leaving Dormont!

(4)  July 3 – July 7

America the Beautiful!

We feel that our American heritage is something of which we should be proud! So, we will explore as much of America the Beautiful as we can, without leaving Dormont, and we will learn lots about what it means to live in the great melting pot of the United States of America!

* Camp will be closed Tuesday, July 4th in observance of the Independence Day holiday.

(5)  July 10 – July 14

Wonderful World of Wonka

There is no world I know to compare with pure imagination! Since we are the music makers, and the dreamers of dreams, let’s taste the deliciousness of life…and chocolate…As much as candy and Wonka are art, they are equally a science. So, let’s taste some snozzberries and see if we can’t perfect those fizzy lifting drinks!

(6)  July 17 – July 21

CSI: Dormont

Something has gone missing from camp…but who could be the thief??? Learn all the skill of a private eye to help solve our mystery. We’ll learn about DNA, fingerprinting and other crime scene tools to solve the mystery and determine who dunnit?!?!?

(7)  July 24 – July 28

Inventor's Workshop


What do all inventors have in common…CREATIVITY! Join us as we team creativity with engineering to come up with some pretty awesome inventions. You don’t have to be an Einstein or Edison to still be an inventor and have fun creating at camp!

(8)  July 31 – August 4

Prehistoric PA

Before the Turnpike and Hershey Park…before George Washington and Valley Forge…even before the Susquehannocks, Erie, and Shawnee wandered the hills and valleys, there were many other life forms that lived here is Pennsylvania! We will travel back to Prehistoric Pennsylvania and visit some of these fascinating creatures.

(9)  August 7 – August 11

Mad Science.

Sometimes science is just…plain…boring…but NOT here! We will have a madcap, hair raising week filled with slimes and concoctions, with marvelous machines, and so much more, as we learn about just how mind blowing (and useful) science can be!