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Dormont Pool

The Borough of Dormont is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to lease and operate the snack bar operations at the Dormont Pool for the dates of May 27, 2023 through September 4, 2023.  Detailed specifications may be obtained by contacting Beth Bachman, Community Manager at 412-561-8900 x227 or email BBachman@boro.dormont.pa.us
Request for Proposal Pool Concession Stand 2022-2023 Final PDF




Please check back prior to season starting to verify no changes have been made

Direct Pool Phone Number: 412-341-7210 (only answered during Pool Hours)
Office Number for Passes: 412-561-8900 (only answered during Office Hours)

Opens Saturday, May 28, 2022 through Monday, September 5, 2022
Hours of Operation:
Weekends/Non School Year: 12:00pm-8:00pm Daily
Weekdays May 31 through June 10 and August 19 through September 2: 4:00pm-8:00pm 

Tentative Holiday Hours:
Memorial Day*: 12:00pm-6:00 PM *free day for KO Residents with proof of residency
July 4th: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Labor Day: 12:00pm-3:00pm

Daily Rate: $8
*Please note there is only daily one rate; there are no daily rate discounts based on residency, age or time of entry.
Children under 3 are free.
There are no rainchecks or refunds. Please check the weather forecast prior to purchasing your daily admission pass. We will not make any exceptions to this rule.
Please click here for full weather and closure policies

School Groups/Summer Camps: $5; advanced notice necessary, please call Beth Bachman at 412-561-8900 x227 to make arrangements

Click here for Season Pass Information

The Borough of Dormont would like to thank the following Dormont Pool sponsors:

Banksville Beer
Ted Thompson Heating & Cooling 
Senator Wayne Fontana
Councilperson Brandon and Kate Ledford
Councilperson Daniele Ventresca
Maher Duessel CPAs

If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the Dormont Pool, please click here for more information: 2022 Dormont Pool Sponsorship Info 
Early bird pricing available if also sponsoring 2022 Dormont Street and Music Festival! Click here for early bird info: 2022 Early Bird Dormont Street and Music Fest Sponsorship Info
You can also contact Beth Bachman, Community Manager at BBachman@boro.dormont.pa.us

Dormont Pool Rules
The Borough of Dormont and USA Management invites you to enjoy the Dormont Pool and asks your cooperation in abiding by the following rules and regulations for your safety and everyone’s enjoyment:

1) Obey lifeguard instructions at all times.
2) A child under 48” must be accompanied by an adult (within arm’s reach) at all times, or wear a coast guard approved lifejacket.
3) Pool issued lifejackets are available for your safety.
4) Swim testing is available, see lifeguard for more information.
5) Well-behaved and responsible children 14 and older are welcome to attend without a parent or guardian. If any issues arise, that privilege may be revoked.
6) No running on the swimming pool deck.
7) Refrain from “unsafe” behavior for the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers and Dormont Pool patrons.
8) Evacuate swimming pool immediately when horn alarm sounds
9) No smoking, vaping or other tobacco products are permitted at the Dormont Pool or Borough property.
10) No glass containers are permitted at the Dormont Pool.
11) No alcohol is permitted at the Dormont Pool.
12) Disposable swimming diapers may be purchased in the Dormont Pool lobby for infants.
13) Single person inflatables are welcome, but should the Dormont Pool becomes too crowded inflatables could be temporarily disallowed. Pumps for inflatables can be borrowed from cashiers.

For your safety, our lifeguards are randomly audited. Audits include surveillance video taping, and submersion of manikins on swimming pool bottom for Vigilance Awareness Testing (VAT).

Dormont Pool Weather and Closure Policies

  • There are no rainchecks or refunds. Please check the weather forecast prior to purchasing your daily admission pass. We will not make any exceptions to this rule.
  • If the outside ambient temperature is less than 69 degrees, the Dormont Pool will not open for the day.
  • In the case of lightning within a 5-mile radius, the Dormont Pool will close for 30 minutes from the of the last lightning strike. Every subsequent lightning strike within the 5-mile radius will restart the 30-minute clock.
  • If there is a lightning strike after 7:00pm, the Dormont Pool will close for the evening.
  • It is up to management’s discretion to assess the radar and forecast when deciding to reopen or close for the day.
  • If there are fewer patrons than lifeguards for a span of more than 2 hours, the Dormont Pool will close for the day.  

Swim Classes by USA Management

Information will be added

Lockers are available for use and cost one quarter per opening. Cashiers have change available for locker use.

Dormont Pool Logo Announcement
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