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Dormont Pool Will Not Open for 2020 Season

Borough Council unanimously approved a motion at Monday’s Council meeting to not open Dormont Pool for the 2020 season.

“Covid-19 presents a unique challenge to municipalities around the globe. As a municipal manager, I must always look for the best way to protect our residents and our employees,” stated Ben Estell, Borough Manager.  “I do know the importance of our pool not only to our residents, but to residents in surrounding communities and really the region,” said Council Vice President Jen Mazzocco.  Vice President Mazzocco continued “I think it is very sad because it is the 100th anniversary this year. . . but I think this is the best move for us as far as the safety of our residents.”

Regarding his recommendation, Ben Estell, Borough Manager stated that he and his staff have “searched for ways to ensure the safety of swimmers and lifeguards alike. However, no clear and sure method has been found to adequately ensure the health and safety of both residents and lifeguards. Therefore, due to the ethical and legal concerns involved with the opening of a large public pool and locker rooms, I recommend that Dormont Pool not be opened for the 2020 season.”  Borough Solicitor, John Rushford agreed with Manger Estell’s recommendation and the decision council made to not open the pool from a legal and liability standpoint.

“I know this is not an easy decision for all of us. Over the years we have learned how important the pool is to our community, but this is the right decision for the safety our residents, our guests and our employees and I applaud you all for supporting this decision. It’s not an easy one but it is the right one,” said Council President Jeff Fabus at the conclusion of the discussion. 

“Although this is a difficult decision, we are looking forward to celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the pool next season with an even bigger event that celebrates not only the anniversary of the pool but the resiliency and strength of the Dormont community.” – Councilwoman & Chair of the Recreation and Community Affairs Committee, Daniele Ventresca

Full Release – Dormont Pool Will Not Open for 2020 Season