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2021 Dormont Pool Update
Apply online here: https://bit.ly/3w1lwI0 

Safety is the priority when opening and operating the Dormont Pool. Safety is dependent on hiring and training enough lifeguards to ensure constant vigilance and safe conditions. Unfortunately, there is a nation-wide staffing shortage and Dormont is not an exception. In response to this shortage, the Borough of Dormont is working with Jeff Ellis Management to bring lifeguard wages up to $15 / hour.

To be able to raise those wages to draw in more interest in lifeguarding positions, the Dormont Pool will remain closed on Mondays throughout the season.

If this staffing shortage continues despite our enhanced recruitment efforts, the Dormont Pool will have to make further adjustments to the schedule including a delayed opening and possibly more daily closures. Other changes may also be possible such as closing certain sections of the pool and limiting capacity. You can help us to find more lifeguards by sharing this post as well as reaching out to anyone including high school and college students looking for summer employment.

If you purchased a pool pass and would like a refund, please contact Beth Bachman at BBachman@boro.dormont.pa.us. Requests must be made prior to opening day.