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Doggie Dip

Dormont Pool – Doggie Dip 2024

Event Info
Registration Instructions

The Dormont Pool invites you to bring your dog to the Doggie Dip. This fantastic end of summer event features swim sessions for your dog and a wonderful afternoon of socializing. All the proceeds will go to building the future Dog Park in Dormont and any amount of donations will be appreciated.

Location: Dormont Pool 1801 Dormont Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Date: September 2, 2024
Time: 4 to 7:30pm – 3 Sessions
Cost: $20 per dog/per session; Please note there will be no refunds upon cancellation of the event in the case of severe weather. This is a rain or shine event but in the case of severe storms or lightning, there may be limits placed on time or cancellation.
Day Of Registration  –  $25 if space remains
Session 1: Small Dogs (30 lbs and under) – 4:00-5:00pm (check in begins at 3:30pm, gates open to swim at 4:00pm)
Session 2: All Dogs 5:15-6:15pm (check in begins at 4:45pm, gates open to swim at 5:15pm)
Session 3: Large Dogs (60lbs or more) – 6:30-7:30pm (check in begins at 6:00pm, gates open to swim at 6:30pm)

Registration online ahead of the event is highly recommended! There are limited spots for each sessions. Registration will open on July 20 at 11am online and in-person starting July 23 during office hours at the Borough of Dormont offices. Registration will end on August 30 at 11:30am in the Borough Offices and online at 11:59pm. There is a one dog per adult handler. Handler must be 18 and older. Max of two people will be allowed to enter with the dog. Additional entrance fee of $3 is required for spectators to be paid at the event – cash only currently. The cost is $20 per dog/per session. Please note there will be no refunds upon cancellation of the event in the case of severe weather. This is a rain or shine event but in the case of severe storms or lightning, there may be limits placed on time or cancellation.

Each dog must have a separate registration form filled out.

You can register for the event through the Borough of Dormont’s Community Pass site. You will be required to create an account. PLEASE HAVE YOUR VACCINATION RECORDS TO UPLOAD – this is required for online registration.  Vaccinations required: Rabies and DPP (distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza)
2024 Dormont Doggie Dip Online Registration Instructions

Online registration link: https://register.communitypass.net/DormontBorough

Dormont Doggie Dip Rules

Here’s a friendly reminder of all the guidelines to be in place throughout the Doggie Dip. Disregard for the following will result in the removal of dog and owner from the pool and NO REFUND will be given.

    • Only the dogs will be allowed in the pool. Owners may wade up to their ankles/shins.
    • If humans are unable to follow the rule listed above and listen to the lifeguard instructions, they will be asked to leave – making the doggies sad!
    • Your doggo may be released from their leash upon entering the pool deck area, but your pup must remain under your control at all times. Dogs which are aggressive to other dogs or humans will NOT be tolerated.
    • Un-neutered dogs and female dogs “in season” are not allowed.
    • Owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their puppers.
    • Do not bring food or beverages to the event. Water bowls will be available for the doggos. No glass is permitted.
    • Lifeguards will be on hand to assist humans.
    • As tempting as it is, please do not use the “big blue” water slide.
    • Humans 16 years and younger require adult supervision at all times

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a basset hound.  They don’t swim, they sink.  Can I leave her home and just come to see the other dogs?
A: Yes, of course! Spectators have to pay a fee of $3 per human to come to watch the dogs and enjoy the event.

Q: Are humans allowed in the pool to coax their dogs in?
A: Humans with dogs can go in the water up to their ankles/shins.

Q: EEKK!!  I forgot to register. Can you register at the event?
A: Yes, pre-registration is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but paper forms will be available day of. Please have vaccination records handy (either printed or pulled up digitally on your nearest device)

Q: Is the whole pool area fenced in?
A: Yes, the pool is fenced in except for the wooded hillside to which humans and dogs alike should not be near. As an extra degree of safety, there will be a double-gate system for entry into the pool area. A group of owners and puppers will enter the holding pen between the two gates. Once both gates are secured, the second gate will be opened into the pool area, when owners are welcome to take puppies off leash for the duration of their session at the Doggie Dip. Exiting doggos will follow the same double-gate system when leaving.

Q: Do we need to print a ticket or can we show our phones?
A: You do not need to print the ticket. You can show the registration ticket on your phone.

Q: If I buy a ticket for the 5:15pm to 6:15pm session can my dog (100 lbs) stay for the Large Dog Session from 6:30pm to 7:30pm?
A: Registration is required for each session. If you’d like to participate in both sessions, you must register your dog for both sessions. 

Q: I can’t wait for this event. Where can I park my car?
A: You can park in the Dormont Pool parking lot for free.