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Dormont works hard in a labor of love, sometimes to the point we are in tears.

The collection of hours of work throughout the days and weeks, a journey of numbers and excel formulas. For all residents who are interested in the inner workings of the budget – we work hard to make sure the numbers make sense not to one, but to all..

Budget Meetings, the annual process for the Borough of Dormont will have its first meeting on October 3rd.
Meet us then.

The 2023 Budget meeting are coming soon. Below is the current list of scheduled budget meetings and the topic each meeting will focus on. All meetings will be in person and will also be broadcasted via Zoom where residents can also participate online. Please note there may be additional discussions about budget-related requests/items at individual committee meetings which are always open to the public. As always, check the Borough of Dormont website boro.dormont.pa.us for the latest information and Zoom links. Zoom links will be posted closer to the date of the meeting.

Meeting #1 – 10/3; 7PM – Extending Voting Meeting – Department Head Requests/Proposals
Meeting #2- 10/17; 6-8 PM – Revenue and Expenditure
Meeting #3 – 10/24; 6-8 PM – Capital Improvement
Meeting #4 -11/1; 7PM – Extended Agenda Meeting for Review, If Needed
Meeting #5- 11/7; 7PM – Regular Voting Meeting to Advertise Budget
Meeting #6 – 12/5 ; 7PM – Regular Voting Meeting to Adopt Budget

Due to construction work on back parking lot, ADA access to the Municipal Building will be limited June 11-14, 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience.