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Building & Zoning Department

Zoning Code (2021 Rewrite)

The Borough of Dormont has been working to rewrite the zoning code for the first time in 25 years. Over the last year, we have solicited community feedback from multiple events, which has been incorporated into the new code. You can review the final zoning code through the link below. Borough Council voted to adopt the Zoning Ordinance at the June 7th Borough Council meeting. 

Updated Final Zoning Code

For more information about the rewrite process, please visit CodeDormont.com

6-Month Review
The Borough of Dormont Planning Commission will begin a 6-month review on the new zoning code that was adopted in June 2021. The first review meeting will take place Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00pm in the Planning Commission monthly meeting. There will be at least two of these review meetings. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

More information about the Planning Commission meeting: http://boro.dormont.pa.us/events/

The Dormont Borough Council adopted the IBC, International Building Code, Act 45 (2009 Edition). The Code is designed to promote the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of Dormont Borough, while at the same time regulating the design, construction, alteration, demolition, extension, repair and removal of all buildings, homes and structures.

Before any construction, alteration, extension, repair, demolition, or removal of any house or commercial structure begins, the Borough must review and approve the submitted plans and specifications. All plans and specifications must be in a form and manner specifically required by the Dormont Borough Code. Generally speaking, a current survey, a plot plan and a clean sketch is all that is needed for review purposes. However, depending on the complexity of the job, additional plans may be need to be submitted for review.

Contact the Borough Office Building Department at 412-561-8900.

The following is the process for obtaining a building, electrical, mechanical or accessibility permit.

  1. Submit the appropriate application to the Borough during our normal business hours of Monday from 8:30am until 8:00pm; Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM; Friday from 8:30am-12:00pm.
  2. The Zoning Official will review the application to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Borough’s Zoning Code. You will receive a Zoning Determination letter for those projects requiring one. If you require Zoning approval and do not meet the Zoning Code you will be asked to provide additional information or modify your project. If you do not need Zoning approval, or meet the requirements of the Zoning Code, your application will be submitted to the Building Inspector for plan review.
  3. Once your application is submitted, he will review the plans, identify any additional information needed, collect a fee for services, and notify the you that a permit can be issued.
  4. As work commences, the contractor/property owner is responsible for contacting the borough to arrange for any required inspections. Inspections are provided as part of the plan review and permit issuance process.

Work which Requires a Permit

  • All New Construction
  • Interior Renovations
    • Changing dimensions or removing of any existing window or door
    • Opening of any new window or door
    • Construction or reconstruction of any wall or staircase
    • Removal or relocation of any existing wall or staircase
    • Installation and/or replacement of HVAC units
    • Any plumbing activities (permit issued by Allegheny County)
    • All electrical work requires an inspection by an approved agency
  • Exterior Renovations
    • Additions to existing structures
    • Porch enclosures
    • Public and Private sidewalks
    • Private driveways and parking areas
    • Porch, patio and /or stairway (construction and reconstruction)
    • Construction or reconstruction of any wall
    • Replacement of over 25% of roof
    • Installation of permanent awnings
    • Erection or replacement of fencing
    • Installation of swimming pools & hot tubs with a depth greater than 18″.

Why do we require permits?

The reason permits are required for construction comes down to safety issues.  Building codes help ensure that the structure in which we live, work, learn and play meet safety standards against collapse, fire and other potential dangers.  When buildings are not up to code, there is a greater chance for structural failure to occur, causing a hazard to the occupant of the structure or to the public.  Securing a building permit before starting a construction or remodeling project is a way to provide a permanent record of work being performed and inspected by an induvial certified by the state and governing municipality.  

Certified Building Inspectors are qualified to inspect and ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance with the building, construction and zoning codes.  Requiring a building permit for construction work is a way to ensure that contractors and property owners comply to the building standards and zoning codes.  

The law in Pennsylvania known as the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, orders all municipalities within the Commonwealth to abide by the uniform construction codes to provide standards for the protection of life, health, property and environment and for the safety and welfare of the general public and owners and occupants of buildings and structures.

PDF Documents and Applications can be found below and in the Online Documents section under the News and Information Tab

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