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Budget Documents

Monthly Budget Reports

Annual Adopted Budgets

2021 Budget Narrative

2021 Budget Narrative


This Budget Narrative provides a written explanation of the projected revenues and expenditures for all Borough of Dormont funds for 2021.

2021 Budget Worksheet

2021 Budget Worksheet Final Draft 10-8-2020


This is the Excel document used to work on the Borough’s 2021 budget. Borough Council will vote to advertise the budget at the November 2nd Council meeting and to adopt the budget at the December 7th meeting.

Future budget forecasting makes a number of assumptions, such as employee wage growth based on contracts, 6% growth in healthcare expenses, and 2% growth in utility costs. There is no guarantee that these assumptions will hold, but they help to provide an early view of our future budgets. The Budget Narrative above provides explanations for projected revenues and expenditures.

I hope that this will help residents understand the Borough budget a little better, but I am aware that it can be very overwhelming. If, after going through the various documents, you have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer.

Best regards,

Ben Estell
Borough Manager