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Budget Documents

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2017 Budget Worksheet

This is the Excel document used to work on the Borough’s upcoming budget, along with budget memos and pertinent documents. You can adjust the Garbage Fee in cell D3 and the Property Tax rate in cell F2 to adjust expected revenues. Under the “Paving” tab, you can select which road projects to add into the budget for 2017, 2018, and 2019, while also choosing whether to replace brick streets with brick, asphalt, or pavers. Those selections will be added to the “Capital Improvements” tab in the “Paving” row. In that same tab, you can select from a number of capital improvement projects under consideration.

Individual departments have their own tabs to look at personnel costs and decisions. Specifically, the Police Department requires succession planning, as officers do not operate on their own until they have two years of experience. Therefore, as we look at the timing of expected retirements, we also consider the hiring of replacements two years in advance. Placing an “x” into the cells by the new hire options will add those employees to the budget. The Parks Department has also requested a third full-time employee and has offered to cut down on the number of seasonal employees and to cut some third-party services should a new hire be approved. Placing an “x” in the appropriate cell for the Park employee will make all of the necessary changes to the budget.

Future budget forecasting makes a number of assumptions, such as 3% growth in employee wages, 6% growth in healthcare expenses, and 2% growth in utility costs. There is no guarantee that these assumptions will hold, but they help to provide an early view of our future budgets.

I hope that this will help residents understand the Borough budget a little better, but I am aware that it can be very overwhelming. If, after going through the various documents, you have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer.

Best regards,

Ben Estell
Borough Manager