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Safe Mobility Plan

2022 Safe Mobility Plan PDF

“Cities were created to bring things together. The better they do this job, the more successful they become.”
– Jeff Speck, Walkable City  

Residents of Dormont,

This summer, you might have noticed two strangers walking around, taking pictures of sidewalks and roads in Dormont. That was us! We were interns helping your municipal government develop a Safe Mobility Plan. This plan aims at improving walkability within Dormont by updating certain amenities, reforming walkways, and increasing accessibility. Dormont has so much to offer, yet there are certain areas in the Borough which hinder residents. For example, the conditions of certain sidewalks make it difficult for people with disabilities to move through the community. Students trying to get back home on foot might find it difficult to traverse the many hilly areas leading to and away from their school. Trying to use the light rail at Dormont Junction might seem like a hassle.  And sometimes, traveling through West Liberty Ave can feel like running through an obstacle course. Some of these challenging conditions have existed for so long that they feel like a part of Dormont. This can change. To improve walkability within the borough, we reviewed a walkability audit conducted by your local government, analyzed crash report data provided by the police department, conducted interviews with stakeholders, and researched policies adopted by other municipalities. The results of these endeavors helped us produce the 2022 Borough of Dormont Safe Mobility Plan. You can access it in the Planning section, under the Government tab on the Borough of Dormont website. Our time in Dormont was short, but we learned so much from your wonderful community.

Best Regards,
Joe Acevedo and Shrinath Suresh, University of Pittsburgh GSPIA
Borough Manager, Ben Estell, Intern Shrinath Suresh. Intern Joe Acevedo Borough Clerk, Carolina Munoz, Intern Shrinath Suresh. Intern Joe Acevedo, Borough Clerk Lori WilliamsIntern Shrinath Suresh. Borough Assistant Manager, Krista Watt, Intern Joe Acevedo