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The Borough of Dormont Council will begin in-person meetings starting tonight with the July 26th Agenda meeting. According to Allegheny County (https://data.democratandchronicle.com/covid-19-vaccine-tracker/pennsylvania/allegheny-county/42003/), 59.62% (730,705) of Allegheny County’s 1,225,561 residents have had at least one shot of the COVIS Vaccine while 54.60% (669,100) are fully vaccinated. Because of this, seating will be limited to the first 13 people attending tonight’s council meeting in person. Furthermore, those wishing to attend in person will be asked to stay socially distanced at this time. A future announcement will be made when seating can return to full capacity.
The Borough of Dormont is committed to accessibility and this meeting as well as future meetings will also be available through Zoom. The Borough of Dormont is working with @HearCorp a local Pittsburgh company, to fit Council chambers will multiple Zcam cameras to be able to provide both video and audio for residents to continue to virtually attend these meetings. Council Chambers will also have the ability to allow residents to speak at the meeting via Zoom and be heard by all at the meeting in person.
Boards and commissions will also have the option to run their meetings in person or virtually starting in August. Please check each board and commission event on the Borough’s website for details on future meetings.