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2024-2028 Garbage and Recycling

2024 Information:
2024 BoD Garbage and Recycling Mailer 2.26.2024
2024 Dormont Waste Management Trash and Recycling Collection Guide Updated 1.3.2024
2024 Calendar Dormont Waste Management Trash and Recycling One Page
2024 Street Listing Dates Dormont Waste Management Trash and Recycling

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Carts are expected to be delivered from April 3 through April 9. 

New Garbage and Recycling Contract – Starting in 2024
The Borough Council has entered into a 5-year contract with Waste Management for the years of 2024-2028 for semi-automated collection of garbage and recycling. There will be many changes to prepare for with this new garbage and recycling contract. This site will be updated and will act as a guide for these changes.

2024 Rates

Customer rates for Regular Curbside Service for 2024 with Waste Management from 1/1/24 to 12/31/24 are as follows:
2024 – $329.34 per residential unit – approx. $27.45 per month
$82.24 quarterly payments

Residents may request additional cart(s) through Waste Management. This would be an annual cost paid directly to Waste Management & not to Jordan Tax Service. The cost for 2024 will be $110 per extra cart.

2024 Billing Information

Jordan Tax Service will bill each household on behalf of the Borough of Dormont.

Statements will be sent out on February 1 via Jordan Tax Service with a due date of April 30. There is a $10 discount available if paid in full by February 28.

There will be an option to pay by 4 installments of $82.24 due on February 28, May 31, August 31 and November 30.

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 2/26)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Carts are expected to be delivered from April 3 through April 9. 
After the carts are delivered, semi-automation collection will begin and all items need to be inside the cart for collection. Waste Management will tag carts that are not in compliance with collection guidelines.

What if a 96-gallon/64-gallon cart is not enough?

96-gallon carts hold between 5-8 standard garbage bags. If that is not enough, residents can add additional cart(s) through Waste Management. This would be an annual cost paid directly to Waste Management & not to Jordan Tax Service.

What if a 96-gallon/64-gallon cart is too big?

We recommend residents keep the 96-gallon carts. There may be some cases where residents may want a smaller cart. After two months, residents will be able to exchange for a smaller cart, but we are working on finalizing that process which will run through the Borough of Dormont. Please note that this will not decrease your rate. More information will be posted on the Borough of Dormont’s website.

If the carts get damaged, does WM cover the cost to replace?

Waste Management is responsible for the repair and if needed, replacement of all carts. Waste Management shall determine if the damaged cart should be repaired or removed from service. Residents will be charged for the replacement of a painted or marked cart, or a cart that has been rendered unusable from the placement of hot ashes.

Where are carts supposed to be placed for pick-up?

The location of your garbage and recycling pick-up will not change. You will put them where you are currently putting your trash and recycling cans.

Are the carts vermin proof?

The carts are made of a heavy plastic and will also have a lid. Cart use in other cities, especially larger cities, such as NYC, have been implemented to deter issues with vermin.


Where can I store these carts?

The Borough of Dormont does not have any specific language or ordinance dictating where residents store their carts. Borough Ordinance does dictate that carts may not be stored on the sidewalk or the public right of way.

Cart Specs can be found below. Carts will be a slate grey body with a yellow lid for trash and a blue lid for recycling. 


How will we get rid of our old trash and recycling bins?

You will be able to put your old trash and recycling bins out with your trash once the new carts arrive. Old cans can be placed beside the new carts and labeled for trash and they will be removed.


How will this affect my service?

The main changes that you should anticipate include:

  • Use of standardized carts
  • 96-gallon for garbage; 64-gallon for recycling
  • One set of barcoded carts will be provided per residential unit.
  • Examples: If you live in a duplex, both you and your neighbor will receive your own set of carts; If you live in a single family home, you will receive one set of barcoded carts
  • Reduction of collection to reduce the amount of waste that is processed
  • No garbage outside of the cart will be collected
  • The Borough will be split into 5 sections with 5 different collection days
  • Trash collection will still be collected weekly and recycling will still be collected bi-weekly 
Will we have to put these carts in the street like other communities that offer this service?

Carts will not need to be placed on the street. We are offering semi-automated collection services. Most other communities currently offer automated services. The difference is that in automated communities an automated arm extends from the truck and dumps the cart into the truck. With semi-automated, the cart is pulled by an employee to rear/side of the truck and connected with the arm that will then lift the cart into the truck.

When will semi-automated collection start?

Projected April 2024. Now is the time to start thinking about disposing of those large bulk items & reducing your overall garbage production.


Can we now put glass in the recycling?

You may now put glass in curbside recycling. We do recommend continuing to recycle your glass at the glass recycling dumpster at Village Square Mall as part of the Glass Recycling Collaborative of Southwestern PA if you are able. Glass can contaminate entire loads of recyclable materials. By using the glass recycling dumpster, you are ensuring it is recycled and avoiding possible contamination.

Can we recycle all plastic now?

Waste Management will now collect all plastic bottles, jugs, jars and tubs, not just #1 & #2. Plastic is being recycled by quality, not type. Please ensure they are empty and free from food and liquid. Plastic bags and film are still not able to be collected in curbside recycling.

What do we do with large cardboard boxes?

Large cardboard boxes will need to be broken down to fit into your cart. We are exploring the possibility of cardboard only drop off sites.


If you are physically unable to move your cart to the sidewalk, Waste Management provides a service called medical backdoor pickup. This service is reserved for our physically disabled and elderly population.

To begin the process to obtain this service, contact the Borough of Dormont offices at 412-561-8900 and provide your name and service address. A member of the Waste Management team will be in contact with you shortly thereafter to assess your property and gather further details, if necessary, to establish eligibility.


When will be bulk pick-up?

Bulk Pick-Up which is up to two (2) items will be the first full week of every month. Please note the best practice is to call Waste Management ahead of time to schedule pick-up of items and ensure there are no additional costs for hauling those items. 

How does this transition affect yard waste, leaf pick up, bulk waste pick up and household hazardous waste collections?
  • Yard waste and leaf waste on the special pick up dates indicated on your calendar will still remain. We currently have 8 annually, 2 in the spring and 6 in the fall, and these will continue to occur. These will be collected manually and will not use the automated carts.
  • Bulk waste will continue, but will be isolated to a particular week out of the month (Example: The third week of the month every month)
  • Household hazardous waste collection will continue as normal.
I need a special pick-up, I have a lot of trash right now ?

Residents will be able to order the additional service at wm.com.

What about yard waste?

We understand year round yard waste pickup may be a concern and are currently evaluating our options as it applies to pick up for that material during times when special pick ups have not been traditionally held.

Pickup locations are not set to change given our current knowledge.

Are you going to add more pick-ups for yard waste?

The Borough is currently examining the costs related to establishing an in-house yard waste collection service for the months of the year where special pick-ups are not offered.


Why semi-automated and not just stick with manual collection?

The semi-automated system is what we will see most providers transition to in order to minimize future increases in costs from workers compensation and employee turnover. Staying with manual collection has the potential to greatly increase our costs in future contracts. In addition, semi-automated collection reduces the amount of waste contributed to the system by our municipality and produces long term environmental benefits. Given the results of the bid process, costs would have risen whether manual or semi-automated collection were accepted. By year 5 of the contract, both options would have resulted in similar costs.

I have large stairs in front of my house. Are we able to switch to alley pick-up?

Waste Management will not be able to consider any additional alley collections in Dormont. Most of the alley ways are not wide enough for the trucks. Waste Management will not be able to accommodate additional alley ways safely or without risking property damage.

Pickup locations are not set to change given our current knowledge.

Does WM, the state, or the borough have any assistance programs like LIHEAP to assist low income residents with this significant increase?

Due to staff and financial capacity, the Borough will not be offering a low income program at this time. However, Borough Management will continue to explore options to help those citizens that need the most help.

Will switching to a smaller cart decrease your rate?

Switching to a smaller cart size will not decrease your rate. Smaller Cart notes: Carts are associated with an address or residential unit. If you opt for a smaller cart, this cart will also then be transferred to the next resident.

Why did we select Waste Management?

The vast majority of SHACOG (South Hills Council of Governments), including Dormont, has chosen to stay with Waste Management for this upcoming contract, which was bid in accordance with Pennsylvania regulations. We recognized the escalating fees in both types of service. However, the manual collection provided by the other bidder, while it started lower than Waste Management’s bid, escalated faster than that of WM’s (9% vs an average under 7%). By the end of the five-year contract, the semi-automated service was less costly than that of the manual collection service, not including the cost of the cart, providing a lower foundation for future contractual increases. Given this, most communities saw the benefit of moving to semi-automated or automated service now to secure lower costs in the future. By the end of the contract, Dormont will own these carts, which have a 10-15 year lifespan. This will lower the costs for the community in the future.

The other bidder, while offering manual collection services to the Borough, clearly indicated that semi-automated services would not be offered to Dormont. We understand that this a national trend in waste collection and necessary to ensure the future of this critical service.


Why is the cost so high when the new collection doesn't start until April?

The change to semi-automated collection is not the sole reason for the increase in service costs. Over the course of the prior 5-year contract, inflation has risen a total of 24% with operational costs, such as wages, vehicle operation and maintenance, and workers compensation, increasing accordingly. The prior 5-year contract, however, only incorporated an approximate 8% increase in fees across the course of the contract as the rapid increase in inflation was unexpected by everyone. 

Have additional questions not answered? Please use this form to have your question answered. Staff members will be updating this FAQ as needed. Additionally, staff will also respond to your questions within 5 business days if you provide contact information.